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PaTaxman is happily married with children and his Idol is Al Bundy. (That should tell you everything you might want to know about PaTaxman.)But, here is a little more: PaTaxman has an Associates Degree in Business Administration with Major in Accounting and was Salutatorian of his graduating class. PaTaxman has many years of experience in preparing Income Tax Returns.
He loves to smoke. He smokes 7,000 packs a day and he is never quitting, he doesn't care what anyone says.

PaTaxman is divorced and he has even quit smoking.
His wife has left him for a dirt ball whose own wife divored him because he beat her and cheated on her and thought of her as some type of property that he owned. Well they say you leave someone for something that is the opposite of what you had. I am still in shock and can't believe it. It shocked everyone and they can't believe she would leave a nice guy like me. Especially for a low life scum like him. The grass always looks greener until you have to mow it.

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